The Power of And

Or is exclusive. And is inclusive. Or makes enemies. And makes friends. Or gets its way or blocks the way. And gives a little, learns a lot, and finds a way. Or vilifies. And reaches out. Or believes it has the truth. And believes there is more to learn. Or is a false … Continue reading

What Changes Us?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no definitive answer to the question, “What changes our life for the better?” Here is what I know. People inspire people. Programs seldom ever do. I remember teachers who were passionate about their subject, and caring toward me, more than I remember … Continue reading


Last Saturday  I was picking up Patty at the door of our local Wal-Mart when I saw a grocery cart, which had been pushed from the parking lot, stall out right in the middle of the very busy main lane of the parking lot. The guy in the car in … Continue reading