Our newspaper prints a summary of the obituaries on the front page along with celebrity birthdays. As I look as the obituaries, I say to myself, “older, older, older, younger, older, younger”, etc., depending if the deceased was older or younger than me. Then I glance at the celebrity birthdays… Continue reading

Old Love

Patty and I were vendors at the Kenosha Harbor Market last Saturday, which happened to also be our fortieth anniversary. The weekly market is an altogether lovely event in a beautiful location. There are over one hundred white 10×10 tents in a two block area and some side streets flanked by… Continue reading

Tick, Tick

Time flies when you’re having fun! A watched pot never boils.   Everything takes longer than you think it will. We have all of these quaint little sayings about time. Really time is nothing more than incremental measurements of our existence. It’s unrelenting as symbolized by the ticking of the… Continue reading