Author’s Resource Kit

Traditional publishing is rapidly giving way to self-publishing, also known as, independent publishing. For the author, independent publishing means total ownership of the entire project, larger royalties, and lots of responsibility for his own success. Guy Kawasaki compares writing, publishing, and marketing a book to beginning a business. If you … Continue reading

Should You Blog?

 If you have determined, perhaps, somewhat tepidly, that you want to give writing a try, where do you begin? Certainly, you can open up a new Word document and write away for your own satisfaction. However, there are two significant limitations with that approach. Not many people will read what … Continue reading

Should You Write?

I became a writer as a pastor who wrote sermons. For about fifteen years, I never wrote out a sermon. It was too much work and wanted to keep the presentation spontaneous and real sounding. So, I used and an extended outline. When I did begin writing sermons out, surprisingly, … Continue reading

Turning Pro

I am just now sending a book to the editor that should have been published by last October. There are some reasons for the delay, like, travel and other pressing events. But the main reason that it is not published is me. Honestly, sometimes I think it is crap. Sometimes, … Continue reading