Should You Write?


I became a writer as a pastor who wrote sermons. For about fifteen years, I never wrote out a sermon. It was too much work and wanted to keep the presentation spontaneous and real sounding. So, I used and an extended outline. When I did begin writing sermons out, surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Sermon preparation became more art and craft.

My next step in the world of writing was many years later when I began blogging in 2006. It was fun to have an outlet for my unvarnished thoughts.

I toyed with the idea of writing a book for years and would write chapters, but never complete anything. About a year ago, I finally had enough confidence to believe there was significant value in my story and thoughts about leaving the institutional church and becoming a “faith entrepreneur” to write and finish a book. Contributing a chapter to another book also played a big part in moving me that direction.

I am a rather poor typist (still). I leave words out all the time. I have a “gift” for writing sentences that are way too long and complex. I am seldom content to leave anything I write alone. Whenever I re-read it, I almost always change something or several somethings. I have never taken a writing class. Occasionally, I still think writing is kind of stupid. Yet, I am committed to writing and love it. So, if you have some of the same issues, don’t let them become excuses. Here are some ways writing may enrich your life:

  • It will clarify your thinking when you are able to express your thoughts in written form.
  • It will be an emotional catharsis for you to express your deepest feelings.
  • It will be a rewarding challenge, accompanied by a new sense of accomplishment for you to express things that are personal, deep, and nuanced so another human can understand.
  • It will help your fellow man to be validated, enlightened, entertained, informed, and moved.
  • It will become a bit if an emotional high as you realize that you get to create the best post, article, or book that you can. Each one is a work of art. Not all are masterpieces, but you get to give it your best shot.


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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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