On The Drew Marshall Show!

Yeah, I was on the radio, talking about An Irreligious Faith. The radio show host, Drew Marshall is a fun and fascinating guy who asks great questions and runs a fast-paced show, interviewing all manner of authors, musicians, and celebs on “Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show,” broadcast live to southern… Continue reading

Why You Should Read, “An Irreligious Faith”

You have some questions. You wonder about what it means to live life in the way of Jesus, but haven’t found what you’re looking for in the church. You have honest questions about the faith, but haven’t found them welcomed (or answered.) You are puzzled by the gap between the… Continue reading

Q & A with Glenn Hager (Part2)

What have you got against religion? Religion has a lot of unintended consequences that are very unlike Jesus. It becomes about who is “in” and who is “out.” Therefore, it breeds pride among those who have the “right” doctrinal beliefs. It becomes a brand that you wear; protestant catholic, baptist,… Continue reading

It makes me feel not so alone. – Jeanne

It means so much to me when people take time to read the advance copy of An Irreligious Faith and jot down their thoughts. This review from Jeanne who describes herself as “just an ordinary person,” was so encouraging! “Glenn Hager describes so much of what I am, where I… Continue reading

David Hayward (aka the nakedpastor) and An Irreligious Faith

I identify strongly with Glenn Hager, having been a pastor who left the ministry and the church. With a mixture of his own experiences, research and conclusions, Glenn weaves a compelling and convincing story that many who struggle with the church will resonate with. David Hayward, ‘nakedpastor’ blog and theLastingSupper.com. Continue reading

Dan Brennan and An Irreligious Faith

An Irreligious Faith is a warm and honest reflection of Glenn Hager’s journey from a young pastor committed to Jesus and the evangelical church to an older, wiser, compassionate, unemployed pastor who still hungers to follow Jesus. Hager invites us into his own passionate story of following Jesus as he discerns… Continue reading

Paul Meier and An Irreligious Faith

  In his book, An Irreligious Faith, Glenn Hager describes the process that moved him beyond the boundaries of the church as an institution and into uncharted territory. He gives voice to the frustrations of many Christians who want to focus on love and the example of Jesus rather than on… Continue reading

Pam Hogeweide and An Irreligious Faith

An Irreligious Life is a portrait of a pastor and his journey from church leader to churchless wanderer.  Breaking out of the cage of religion,  Glenn stumbled  into new discoveries of how to follow Jesus and serve communities apart from churchified codes and rigid traditions. This is his manifesto of how… Continue reading

Doug Worgul and An Irreligious Faith

Glenn Hager’s spiritual journey takes readers through a desolate landscape of religious arrogance, divisiveness, and self-righteousness. It will be an all-too-familiar journey for many who have been alienated or abandoned by American Christianity. However, Hager’s destination is one of hope and healing. He knows that where Christianity has failed is… Continue reading

Jeremy Myers and An Irreligious Faith

Here is another pre-release endorsement of An Irreligious Faith: How to Starve Religion and Feed Life. Using his own personal story as a foundation, Glenn Hager writes insightfully about this thing we call “church.” He shows that while some people may have left the church as an organization, they have… Continue reading

Jim Henderson and An Irreligious Faith

Here’s the first pre-release endorsement of An Irreligious Faith: How to Starve Religion and Feed Life. Try to Imagine this scene. It’s 12 Billion BC. The Father, Son and Spirit are having a beer, planning how Jesus will save the world when The Holy Spirit has an unusual revelation. “Hey… Continue reading