Free Range Faith

Free Range Faith is a companion memoir for people who have left the institutional church, but not the faith. Glenn Hager addresses the question, “Is there a more real and meaningful way to try to follow Jesus and express your faith without having to deal with all of the baggage… Continue reading

The Prayer Principle

Virtually every religion practices prayer. Communicating with deity seems to be a nearly universal desire among humanity. Prayer can be worship, confession, thanksgiving, requests for ourselves or others, or most anything one would want to say to a deity.   Native Americans dance as a form of prayer. Hindus chant mantras.… Continue reading

What is Worship, Really?

Image by Josa Jr. Ceatice Commons. Worship has been associated with ancient rituals performed by ordained priests, and ecstatic singing, praying, and utterances to be enjoyed by anyone in the congregation. It the minds of most people it is confined to a time (10:30AM) and a place (your local church.) But… Continue reading

The Sabbath Principle

Finally, I am writing again! Here is the latest installment of my second book, Free Range Faith. For context, you might want to go back and read the Introduction and Exhausting Sabbaths. The word, “Sabbath” may stir up mental images of stern looking, old-fashioned, religious people who are strict and… Continue reading