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glenn-1Here’s where I am supposed to tell you about myself (at least the good stuff.)

I’m a husband of a patient woman, a dad to two grown children that I am very proud of, a grandpa to awesome ten-year-old boy and two beautiful girls. I am even a great grandpa to a couple of cuties. (But I’m really not that old.) Then there’s the crazy cat, the old beagle, and the loveable, but feisty longhaired chihuahua.

I’m from Missouri and live in the far north burbs of Chicago, in the corner of the state near Lake Michigan and Wisconsin.

Stuff I like: the gulf coast, travel, outdoor festivals, reading, fun and enlightening conversations, any excuse to be outside, and lots of different kinds of food. I like those things, but writing is my mistress, my love, and my addiction.

I validate, encourage, and empower people through relationships, writing, and any other opportunities that arise.



An Irreligious Faith: How to Starve Religion and Feed Life (cover)I wrote my first book, An Irreligious Faith: How to Starve Religion and Feed Life, to encourage independent minded people of faith who have turned from an institutional-centered faith to one that is more personal and meaningful.

Here are some of the questions I answer in the book:

  • What would cause a pastor of over twenty years to leave the institutional church, (but not the faith?)
  • What are the key differences between Jesus and the church?
  • How can the church be turned “right side up?”
  • What are the key transitions from an institutional centered faith toward one that personal and meaningful?

Here’s a small taste of what others have said about An Irreligious Faith.

“Glenn Hager’s spiritual journey takes readers through a desolate landscape of religious arrogance, divisiveness, and self-righteousness. It will be an all-too-familiar journey for many who have been alienated or abandoned by American Christianity. However, Hager’s destination is one of hope and healing. He knows that where Christianity has failed is the place where Jesus meets us and lifts us up.”  – Doug Worgul, author of Thin Blue Smoke (Burnside Books)

“As someone who is close to Hager’s age, I’m impressed with his enduring passion to follow Jesus through and beyond religious cynicism. We need more reflective stories which reveal hard-earned wisdom like An Irreligious Faith. This book will provoke you to a passionate faith, toward what really matters. I highly recommend it.”  – Daniel J. Brennan, author of Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions: Engaging the Mystery of Friendship Between Men and Women (Faith Dance Publishing)

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You can find more information about An Irreligious Faith.


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You can purchase An Irreligious Faith.




I am hard at work writing other books. The next one will be a follow up to An Irreligious Faith, called, Free Range Faith: How to Express Your Faith without Selling Your Soul.

There are scores of articles available on my blog, and I keep it updated and fresh every week.

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