If I Were King


I would abolish political parties. The founding fathers warned against them. They polarize the nation and corrupt politicians who have tow the party line to get the funding necessary to win an election. I would allow legislators to organize around coalitions, permitting them to work together on a couple of…

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True Hero


My Grandpa made everything better. He was my favorite person in the whole world. Somehow, he merged a stern German demeanor with a tender, yet manly love. As I look back, I think I was special to him, like he was to me. Six-foot-tall, straight as a broomstick. Hair combed…

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Here’s what happening in my world of encouraging people through writing. New Look. I am proud to announce that glennhager.com has a completely new look. It is something I have been working on it for several weeks. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Special Offer. There…

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No Hands

confident child riding bike or bicycle

Here is the  possible beginning of  novel, though this part is very rooted in reality. I’m flying! A ten-year old cruising down the hill of State Route O in Cosby, Missouri with no hands on the handlebars is flying. I was free. I didn’t feel that much in the city where…

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The Death of Truth

truth - 1

Truth is dead. Apparently, we don’t need it anymore. Instead, we contort what little we know about an incident to support our preconceived viewpoint. Our minds are made up before we even become fully aware of the facts. Then, we speak up with great indignation, believing we are calling attention…

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Trials and Tribulations


Within days, the sump pump quit, as did the furnace. The toilet overflowed. The car still won’t start, and the furnace went out again this morning when it was -9. There was also a big disappointment concerning a business opportunity, and a few other things happened that seemed to do…

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Glenn Hager


I encourage marginalized people. That’s why I wrote a book called, An Irreligious Faith.  After all, there are 38 million individuals in the United States who stopped attending church in the last decade alone. So, I mustered all of the honesty and wit I could to tell my story of…

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An Irreligious Faith


Interested in Jesus, but not the church? Used to go, but not anymore? Find the whole church scene irrelevant? Good! You may be one of the 38 million individuals who stopped attending church in the last decade in The U.S. With honesty and a wry wit, Glenn Hager tells his…

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I believe that we should learn from our experiences, and then help others who are on a similar journey. So, I am drawing on over twenty years of experience as a pastor, fourteen years of experience in forging a faith that is real, and several years of helping people who…

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1 Minute Movie

165 million Americans do not go to church. In the last ten years alone, 38 million people stopped going to church. 76% of the unchurched have attended church. They used to go, but stopped. They claim their faith, but avoid the institution.

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The Man of God Myth


It is hard to find grace when it is desperately needed, like when a pastor or other spiritual leader is discovered to have been abusive toward those who looked up to him and depended upon him. How can you possibly pull together an appropriate balance of accountability and restoration in…

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The Death of Truth (Version 1)


We have suffered perhaps the greatest loss a society can bear. Truth has died. Politicians and pundits killed it. Spin won out over facts. Strident, closed-minded opinions trumped careful, open-minded consideration. Here in the U.S we have just endured another midterm campaign season of mudslinging. Unfortunately, it is nothing new,…

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Labels are great for canned goods, but horrible when applied to people. Human beings are too complex to label, plus it is judgmental to try pigeon hole them. While it is helpful to have opinions and to assess situations, it is unfair to broadly assign traits to entire groups of…

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Puppy Love


 Boyd & Ava chillin’ in a chair   I didn’t know if it would work. We had inherited two long-haired Chihuahuas. Due to no fault of their own, we were their fourth home. They are siblings, brother and sister. While they are off-the-charts cute, they are also needy, attention hogs,…

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Nurture Your Soul


This is the end of the chapter in my new book (the one I am writing now) on nurturing your soul. Spiritual formation requires something of us. It requires discipline. In fact, ongoing practices that help nurture spiritual formation are called disciplines. They are things you do intentionally and repeatedly that…

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Do We Live in the Last Days?

jesus is coming

Does it really matter? In my pastor years I had a couple of very dear friends who focused upon biblical prophecy and current events. They were convinced we were indeed living in the last days, and that the rapture could well happen in their lifetimes. Yesterday, a lady at the…

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The Salvation Thing

jesus saves

I used to have this down pat. God loves man. Man rebelled against God. Jesus died for us. We need to put our faith him. Period. But then came the questioning of my faith, and a more objective look at the way it is represented by institutional Christianity. The institution…

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The Dog Days of Summer


It’s humid, sticky, sultry. It’s summer, the end of summer. For kids, the freedom of June has turned to into the boredom of August. They have resigned themselves to heading back to school. Parents are shelling out money hand-over-fist for clothes, school supplies, and hefty fees for every program imaginable.…

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Robin Williams

People around the world have become a part of the community of the shocked and heartbroken, as they grapple with the death of their beloved, frenetic comedian and Academy Award-winning actor, Robin Williams. We all loved this guy, the comedic genius who made our heads spin, the actor who melted…

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