Tropical Island Respite

Here I am in my happy spot again on this tropical, secluded southwest Florida island on the Gulf of Mexico. I lived most of my life thinking I would never have an opportunity like this, even once. So, coming here for the sixth time in about a dozen years is a tremendous treat.

There is much to like about hanging out here. It’s warm. I like warm and Patty really likes warm. (She is comfortable for about two days in August.) I like sunshine and struggle with the climatological blues called SAD. I also like that warm glistening big drink of water called the Gulf of Mexico. I am looking at it now. I like walking in the sand, splatting in the water, looking for interesting shells, soaking up the rays, and taking in the sunsets. 

I like the laid-back vibe of being able to pretty much forget shirt and shoes for a few days. I like meeting other relaxed folks about my age from all over the country and even other nations. I like the foliage. It’s a lot of color and plants that are unseen where I live. I like eating meals outside on the deck and at open-air restaurants. It’s laid back, low key, and not crowded. There are no high rises permitted on the island. The are no theme parks and pretty much no businesses. The best days are the days we don’t do anything or go anywhere because you just can’t beat where we already are.

We will, however,  go somewhere in a little bit, a favorite local spot on the Intercoastal Canal for a dinner out. Patty deserves a break once and while.

I am a big believer that everyplace needs to be our happy place. It takes more than a location or a comfy climate to make us happy. It takes an attitude. 

I also believe we need to find a little rest, relaxation, and renewal every day. We need to find some things that feed our soul.

Then, once and awhile, we need to do something a little crazy like go to a tropical island. 

It was about a month ago we were there.

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