Thanksgiving Musings

I am grateful that I am doing pretty darn well.

Physically, there are little signs of aging, but nothing chronic like so many of my contemporaries are dealing with.

Financially, doing okay. This retirement thing might just work out.

Finally, we have our home fixed up pretty much like we want it. That’s a blessing we enjoy every day.

Our family is minus the drama of so many. We all have our issues, but there is no doubt that we have each other’s back when it really counts. That warms my heart.

My faith has undergone a lot of changes in the last two decades and I would like more firm pegs to hang my hat on, but I do have a few pegs left.

I believe God loves me (and all of us) with an unbreakable intensity, so I can surely find a way to love others.

I am at peace with him because he is forgiving and has proved that through Christ, therefore, it follows that I can be at peace with myself and others.

I believe my circumstances and the way that God regards me are wonderful reasons to have a sense of joy in life and bring a little joy to others. 

That this peace, love and joy is something to both cling to and share in every relationship.

However, there are a lot of folks who do not live the blessed life that I enjoy.

There are those who have lost loved ones in senseless violent attacks in our nation and those who are innocent targets in wars in Europe and the Middle East that wage on and on for some inadequate reason that escapes me.

There are empty chairs at so many Thanksgiving tables. That hurt never completely heals and today is a reminder.

There are countless people all over the world struggling to survive in these strange economic times in which we live.

There are a lot of people distancing themselves from others who simply see things differently, breaking up families and longtime friendships.  Powerful forces in politics and the media do their very worse to keep us divided for their own selfish reasons.

So, life is not just about us, though honestly, I spend most of my time thinking about me. Life finds it’s meaning when we have a sense of purpose and interact with others.  Maybe, we can find a way to enjoy the blessings and be mindful of those who do not share in them as we do. Maybe, we can enrich our own lives through somehow sharing what we have. Maybe, if we can hang on to this spirit of gratitude can live better lives.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

Peace. Love. Joy.

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