Christianity in 100 Words

Saw this somewhere and decided to take the challenge.

Jesus. Christianity is based on Jesus, not a church or a prescribed set of beliefs.

Love. Christianity is based on love, loving God, loving others (especially those we do not understand), and loving ourselves (in a healthy, non-arrogant sort of way, since he loves us).

Life. Christianity is woven into our lifestyle, not something tacked on, not something to sign off on, not something that happens on a special day or in a special place.

Grace. Christianity is based on grace, grace that always gives us hope, even in our darkest hours and deepest failures, and is extended to others.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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  1. Hi Glenn..I read several of your articles and find that we agree on many points. Many years ago, we thought we might join a church, I won’t say here which faith it was. The more Sundays we went, the more I had doubts about the Minister and other leaders. They and I finally reached agreement that I wouldn’t attend anymore, a mutual agreement it was.
    I thought them small minded and ministers almost demand the congregation think exactly like him/her.
    One thing he did at least two times that really angered me was; there was a Catholic Church down the road. When the weather was bad, the minister would smugly ask if anyone had noticed the number of cars in their parking lot compared to our parking lot….everyone would look at each other, smile at their own Godliness and the lack of Godliness at that hated other church, Never occurring to them that just maybe the other church might have an elderly congregation that had to stay home for their own safety in bad weather.
    They also liked to make unannounced home visits, come in your home look to see what sinful thing we might be up to. On two occasions, I asked each of them a question they couldn’t answer..their reply was that if I had God in my heart, I wouldn’t ask such a question.
    Jesus said to question your leaders, Satan has his agents everywhere.

    Nuff said. Jerry

  2. Jerry,

    I am sorry that I missed your comment and it took so long to get back to you.

    It is interesting that we agree on several of our observations about church, especially since I was a pastor for over twenty years. We are probably regarded as renegades or heretics by some, but so many others know exactly what we are talking about, and that is why they have deserted the institutional church, but not necessarily Jesus.

    Our negative experiences were with the institutional church, not with people who were simply trying to follow Jesus. They are very different. One is about supporting a local church, its program, its finances, its leaders, its building. The other is a way of life that is a radical way of loving and accepting people.

    One is exclusive, even competitive, assured that they are the ones who understand the Bible correctly, believe the purest doctrine, worship, and practice the rituals the most correct way. It’s hard to believe that you are right and most everyone else is sadly mistaken and not be arrogant. All of that has lost its appeal to me and has alienated thousands upon thousands.

    Ironically, so many things about the institutional church are not at all like Jesus.
    However, some churches are better than others and are very active in living out Jesus’ love to the people in their community in tangible ways, even though they still carry some of the baggage of church as an institution.

    Many churchgoers are sweet well-meaning people who are living out their faith as they understand it. Maybe they didn’t continue to mature into a more adult faith that is not afraid of questions. Anyway, Jesus wasn’t too hot on judging others. He can sort that out.

    Jerry, I have written volumes about these topics over last several years and could go on and on. I have even written two books. I would be happy to give you a copy of one called, An Irreligious Faith, if you are interested.

    Patty and I really like that we have a connection with you and Betty. We will probably see you around soon.


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