Lots of Life

Easter is about life.

It’s about the rebirth of Spring and Christ’s resurrection culminating in ultimate victory over sin, Satan, and the last enemy, death.

We have been celebrating this for a couple of millennia, and we should.

But there is one more slice of life that deserves celebrating…this life, our life, the gift of life, right here, right now. After all, Jesus came to give us abundant life, lots of life, found in lots of places and experiences.

It seems like this concept has not received the attention it should. Some Christians bemoan this life and are fixated on Jesus’ return. Some are focused on the societal evils of our day and feel like the world is going to hell. 

That does not sound like the abundant life that Jesus gives us.

Granted it is pretty easy to go negative, even fatalistic. 

For sure this life is full of crazy twists and turns. Sometimes it seems boring. Other times it seems like our dream of what we think it should be went up in smoke.

As we get older and witness the decline and difficult final days of our loved ones and it breaks our heart. We miss them as our own days left grows shorter and shorter. 

All of this is not to be the focus of our lives, but rather part of the context in which we live the abundant life. 

Life is still a gift, worth fighting for, worth living is a way that finds the meaning and beauty in every day. It’s worth us loving others as much as we can. It’s worth passing on the love, peace, and joy that is ours through Christ. That is living the abundant life.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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