A Shot of Hope

Hope. You got to have it. Life is agony without it. It’s what keeps us going.

Covid. It changed our politics, our culture, our lives. It took too many of our loved ones.  We have all about had it with Covid. 

Getting things back to any resemblance of normal has been a long slog filled with missteps, fits, and starts.

I am old having just turned sixty-seven. Patty is just behind me a couple of years. So, we were wondering why there was no vaccine for us. We registered with the county health department and were supposed to receive and email when vaccine became available, but no email came.

So, we lamented how the various levels of government had screwed up the vaccine roll out and were also critical of our fragmented capitalist system.

Last week we finally got the long-anticipated email from the health department and registered for a time slot at a mass drive-through vaccination center at the county fairgrounds.

Feelings are funny things, because immediately, we were like, “All right!” and practically high fiving each other.

So, last Friday, we made the joyful trek to have someone stick a needle in our arm and squeeze in a liquid compound that will in large degree transform the way we conduct our life. It has the power to transform our attitude and reduce our fears.

We snaked through the long line of vehicles and even witnessed a very minor accident when a Nissan bumped a Porsche. The Porsche owner got out of her car four different times madly waving her arms as reminded the poor Nissan owner that the vehicle she hit was, after all, a Porsche. We saw absolutely no damage to either car. Maybe a clean spot where the dust was removed. We joked about slipping in a little sedative with her vaccine.

It took several minutes to get to the huge building which had four lines of several cars each. It was staffed my members of the National Guard who could not have been more professional and polite. It was obvious they were enjoying their work, and what a great service it was.

I felt a little high after that. Just what was in that vaccine anyway? Actually, we had a great sense of accomplishment, relief, and renewed hope.

I had kept Patty in a “bubble of safety” for several months since she has respiratory issues.

Now we felt hopeful that we can move past the fear.  Now we felt hopeful for our nation as we witnessed this vaccination site that was scaled up and efficiently run. 

We felt hopeful things are going to get more back to normal pretty soon.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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