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I used to think that I would never be, could never be, bored. Only boring people get bored, was my thinking. Yet, I am presently a little bit bored. I can’t finish tweaking our basement remodel, because it is still being worked on by the contractor. I have a little too much going during the week with the workers downstairs and Patty across the hall, phoning, emailing, and zooming on important work-related matters to focus on writing or to wail on my guitar. My lighting workshop is currently in disarray due to the remodeling, so I can’t make anything new.

The nooks and crannies of our vast estate (ha) are all pretty much tidied up. There is still nearly a foot of snow on the ground outside. I draw a lot of energy from being outdoors when it is hospitable, but things are limited on that front right now. Of course, there are still all of the Covid restrictions related to actually going anywhere around other people. 

I am horrible at being boxed in. I really don’t think so, but I don’t like being told what to do, when to do it, or that I can’t do this or that. I have an authority problem. Maybe, I am a cranky, old codger.

However, the basement will be ready for me to paint, in about a week, hopefully. Then I can turn it into my Chiefs Fan Cave, exercise center, and double workshop for Doo-Dads and Beadmomma. I have grand visions. Soon I will have more room to spread out and wail like the guitar hack I am.

The snow is slowly melting and temps are ever so slowly rising. By late April the yard will begin needing more attention and by Memorial Day weekend we can begin planting veggies and flowers. Later, we’ll eat weekend breakfasts and lunches on the deck and watch the hummingbirds. Spring is coming. It just takes a long time for the nice weather to settle in, in these parts. 

I am pretty bad at patience.

In times like this I have more time to think. Now that both of our entire families of origin have passed away, I think more about health, aging and mortality. 

I need distraction.

One thing that always helps me is creating something. That’s why I write, design lighting, play guitar, take pictures, and plant flower gardens. Creating something is very therapeutic for me. I get an idea. I struggle with it. Eventually it becomes something that I like and maybe someone else does too.

In the midst of my struggles with limitations, I still find lots of blessings. I have hobbies, I have resources so I can do them. We are able to remodel our house, when for most of our lives we scaped by barely able to pay the bills. I have great family, lovely neighbors, and real nice little dog.

I think I will make it through this brief boring phase. 

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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