Amuck: to rush about wildly

That pretty well describes visits from my Grandson Sam, especially, this last one. The boy is a five-year-old perpetual motion machine. Sam and I kept each other busy last week.

  • We toured the Jelly Belly factory  just up the road (his favorite thing to do)
  • Went to two large playgrounds
  • Rode the streetcar
  • Went to a children’s water park
  • Went to the Lake Michigan beach (and brought a good deal of it home on him)
  • Went to Michigan to get blueberries
  • Climbed a giant sand dune there
  • Kept Uncle Nathan more than a little busy
  • Went to an outdoor concert, danced, and ate hot dogs
  • Went to a Lake County Fielders game (new minor league team in the area), ate hot dogs, snow cones, and popcorn
  • Jumped in and out of the wading pool and went down the water slide about a hundred times
  • Chased Lulu, the chubby beagle all over the place
  • Went to the farmer’s market
  • Helped grandma cook
  • Went to Taste of Wisconsin and ate more hot dogs

I told Sam that he had been running amuck. At first he denied it. Then he said he did run a little muck.

He is a good boy, smart, innocent, free, and happy about 95% of the time. We are always blessed by his presence!

Now, I need to rest!

Originally posted August 1, 2010.

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