go buttonI am an analytical, process-oriented person who sees the value of plans and systems, but I am increasingly reverting back to the “impatience” of my youth. I don’t really think it is impatience. Instead, I believe I have mistakenly listened to the voices of the ultra-cautious naysayers (including my own) far too long. So, as a kick-in-the-butt to me, and perhaps others, I am putting together a list to help us get started and keep going.

Don’t wait for a good opportunity to help a neighbor, just help out whenever there is a need.

Don’t be so concerned about being proper, that you miss an opportunity to be loving.

Don’t wait for permission to do something that is right and necessary, do it now.

Don’t wait to find a convenient time to do what is in your heart, go for it now.

Don’t wait to get an organization started. You don’t need an organization. Do what the organization would do without all of the accompanying hassles. Do it now.

Don’t wait until it is convenient to do something important because you will always put it off. Do it now.

Don’t vet your idea too widely. Other people will think it is their job to find things wrong with it and you will probably be detained or misguided. Do it now.

Don’t think you have to be so responsible that you must keep suppressing your dream. Get started now.

Don’t get lost in the minutia of life and forget that which makes you feel alive. Get started now. The world needs people who feel alive.

Don’t believe people who try to deter you. That’s not a loving thing to do. They are likely small thinkers or fear the power within you. Get going.

Don’t even believe yourself when you try to talk yourself out of pursuing that for which you are uniquely suited, for you will doubt yourself and your own sanity from time to time. It’s normal, but keep going for it.

Don’t give up if you are committed to something. It will be a long and winding road with lot of unforeseen twists and turns. Keep going anyway.

Don’t expect to praised. You will probably be criticized, if you have a new approach that threatens the old way. Stay at it.

Don’t get overly intense. Your life and your dream will lose meaning unless you nurture relationships and have some fun along the way.

Don’t spend too much time pointing out what is wrong. Get started on the solution.

Don’t spend too much time criticizing the system; make it irrelevant.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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