I Saw God


I have seen him many times and I have discovered that he is full of surprises and is very irreligious.

  • I saw him when I looked out at Lake Michigan yesterday from the bluff in Port Washington, Wisconsin as the sun was illuminating our massive blue inland ocean.
  • I saw him again yesterday when the little boy who I estimate to be about six was dancing with total abandon and unbelievable energy in front of a large crowd as a rock band played at the festival.
  • I saw him in the intricate handy work of the wood carver and in the artisan’s humble spirit.
  • I saw him in the stories of the race car driver who described the rush he experiences when the green flag is waved as he enthusiastically answered my questions at the car show.
  • I saw him in the tastiness of the fish and chips that supports local charities at the world’s largest one day outdoor fish fry.
  • I saw him the proud look of teenager who had just caught a really nice salmon on a fishing charter that morning.
  • I saw him in another excellent meal served by a kind and skilled young man after long day at the festival and minding the store for Patty’s jewelry company (Okay, Patty and our daughter-in-law did most of the store minding while I went around listening to bands.)

And that’s just yesterday!

  • I also have seen God in patient faithfulness of my wife who has ridden the waves of my crazy story with me.
  • I have seen him in our eight-year-old grandson when he says, when he says, “Graaannd-Pa!” which follows a silly comment from me.
  • I have seen in way my daughter and son-in-law have devoted their life to parenting.
  • I have seen in the way my son has grown to become a trusted figure in the life of his step daughters.
  • I have seen him in playfulness of the family of squirrels and the radiant beauty of the pair of cardinals that live in our backyard.
  • I have seen him in the rapid growth of our vegetable garden this year and the blooming of the perennials in our flower garden.
  • I have seen him in the rush of the breeze and the passing beauty as I bike along Lake Michigan’s shore.
  • I have seen (and felt) him as wail on my guitar playing along on a familiar song, joining in with musicians I admire (via recording).

And I am just getting started.

Honestly, I have also seen God when I was involved in church work.

  • I saw him when I would look out from the front of the auditorium and see a young couple struggling in their marriage, realizing I loved them like my own kids.
  • I saw him when people would spontaneously help one another.
  • I saw him when I looked out and saw drug addicts, people with a colorful past, and those who felt like misfits, who felt accepted and a part of our community.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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