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There are two sides to worship, the mystical and spiritual side, that stirs up feelings of awe and reverence and the physical, action-oriented side. Worship is anchored in spirit and truth, but ultimately our worship is revealed in the way we live. That’s what we learned from the Scriptures, and it goes so far beyond singing songs together once a week.

What triggers your desire to ascribe worth to God?

How about a walk around the lake in the peacefulness of nature, surrounded by the faint little sounds of insects, birds, and frogs? A hike through the woods, watching and listening to the critters stir ahead of you? A barefoot stroll in the surf of a vast sea with its magnificent waves, littered by the shells that once housed all manner of little creatures? The multi-colored leaves, the clear blue skies, and crunching sounds of an October day? That does it for some people. While you are out there, you may find yourself singing God’s praise with your voice and your heart.

Other people feel close to God while they ski down his slopes, surf his waves, climb his mountains, camp under his canopy, or fish his waters. The grandeur, diversity and beauty of nature reveal the character of a God who is infinitely creative, with a love of beauty and variety. It the midst of your exhilaration, you might find yourself thanking God for the use of his playground.

God cares more about people that anything. That speaks of his patience. But people also do amazing things. The sheer diversity of humanity is pretty amazing. We come in all body types, speak an array of languages and dialects, have various skills, interests, and passions, and are so varied in our personality, that no two people are alike.

I am amazed that God is interested in each one of us and has touched each life. All with different experiences, heartaches, and triumphs, but with the same basic needs, we are each unique, yet similar.

Getting to know people is so fascinating. Sharing our heart with another person makes us feel connected and alive because our life only has meaning in the context of relationships and community. That makes me thankful that God created us for each other.

A visit to the art gallery, a concert, a well crafted movie, a great story all stir my soul on a deep level. The inspiration of others inspires me. Maybe this was their act of worship and now they have inspired me to pursue my personal act of worship. Indulge yourself in the arts and you will see God. The spark he put within you will be ignited. Don’t worry if something is labeled “Christian” or not, that is not important to a God.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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