It’s funny where it comes from.

I am inspired by my ninety-one year old uncle that I love to visit when I am back in Missouri. To this day, he carries a bit of shrapnel in his leg from WWII that causes him some difficulty in walking. Yet, he finds a way to continue to overhaul and restore antique cars and tractors, make picture frames, mow the grass around the complex of buildings that house his many antique vehicles, and write his history complete with interspersed pictures on his PC. Occasionally, he pauses for occasional bit of Bingo with the other seniors, but most days he goes to his shop.

Last Thursday, I was reading an article about him in the local small town paper, and was reminded that over the course of his life, he has had his own garage, farmed, raised cattle, built and managed a motel, repaired televisions, maintained a business as an electrical contractor, purchased, renovated, and rented several properties, and built numerous buildings. Much of the time he worked two jobs at once, while transitioning into a new line of work, and he has always been self-employed.

He is an entrepreneur who seems to have had an uncanny sense of timing for making his various career moves. He says he always loved what his work. Obviously, he had one heck of a work ethic, and seemed to enjoy learning new things. Thursday, I learned that he never had any formal training, and only had an eighth-grade education, because his dad needed his help on the farm. I think he preferred working and learning on the job, rather sitting in the classroom.

I have written about Uncle Romey before because I like his attitude. He has endured incredible grief, outliving two wives and a son, yet he is fun to be around.  He is full of life, energy, humor, and tells one heck of a story.

He inspires me.

The word, “inspire,” literally means “to breathe in, or inhale.” Its derived meaning refers to “the immediate influence of God.” The more common meaning: “the arousal of the mind, feelings, etc., to special or unusual activity or creativity.”

I am finding inspiration everywhere these days, but Uncle Romey has always been a reliable source.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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  1. Amen!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mike McCoy

  2. Thanks for sharing about my father! He truly is an inspiration! He has taught me so many things over the course of my life and now he is teaching me one of the hardest lessons -how to grow old graciously! May I cherish each moment!

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