Trials and Tribulations

Within days, the sump pump quit, as did the furnace. The toilet overflowed. The car still won’t start, and the furnace went out again this morning when it was -9. There was also a big disappointment concerning a business opportunity, and a few other things happened that seemed to do their best to tear me down. And it all happened in the context of the stress of building a business.

These things happen. They are not unique to me or to you, they just happen sometimes. It doesn’t mean that God is vindictive, or that he is testing us. Nobody knows why they happen. They just do. Things break. Sometimes things break at the same time. People get hurt. Relationships get strained. People say things they shouldn’t. Worse things happen, like car wrecks, terrorist attacks, and cancer. We can do all of the right things, and sometimes, the bad things happen anyway.

Trying to figure out why is a fool’s errand. Learning how to respond and finding important learnings in the process is just plain wise.

We have options.

  • Play the victim. The world is against me. Poor me.
  • Run away from it all. Alcohol, porn, drugs, anything to dull the pain. Of course, after it dulls it, the pain is still there, complicated by another problem; addiction.
  • Get mad. The system is rigged. The sons of bitches are out to get me.
  • Get busy. Dealing with whatever is the problem, becoming part of the solution, and then, continuing on with regularly scheduled life.

I have on a sweater and hoodie because it’s 55 degrees in my office, even with a space heater. Come on repairman.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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