If I Were King


I would abolish political parties. The founding fathers warned against them. They polarize the nation and corrupt politicians who have tow the party line to get the funding necessary to win an election. I would allow legislators to organize around coalitions, permitting them to work together on a couple of issues or areas of government, instead of political caucuses.

I would limit campaigns to six months, and terms to a singular four-year stint. There would be a neutral website (run by somebody like the League of Women Voters) that provided apples-to-apples information on every candidate. They could also arrange a couple of candidate debates.

I would outlaw those stupid signs with the candidate’s name on them that litter corner lots, along with the idiotic TV and radio commercials, and the propaganda that fills our mailboxes. Those running for office would have six months to campaign among the people. I would put the press on notice to vet candidates and verify the facts.

Corporate and business donations would be totally illegal. There would be no lobbyists.

The federal government would be streamlined to address the matters in our constitution, and obvious societal responsibilities. I see defense, transportation, consumer protections, and safety net issues. Billions would be saved!

Everyone knows our tax structure needs a major overhaul. Doesn’t it strike you as just a tad weird that you need an accountant or complex computer program to determine how much you owe in taxes?

How about a flat rate tax, unless you are below the poverty level, and let’s close those loopholes we’re always hearing about. No more tax breaks and credits. No more “progressive taxation,” and no more politicizing the tax structure.

The main focus of our economy would be jobs. That means attracting business, having a well-trained work force, and helping people get back to work. The government needs to make a considerable investment in getting people back to work, because everyone benefits as a result.

What about six months of unemployment insurance, during an intensive retraining period (which would be paid back.) The point is to get a person back to work in a good job he is qualified to fill, just as soon as possible.

This program would replace safety net programs for thousands of people.

We don’t have kings. Our federal government is unwieldy, massive and complex; and people will fight to maintain their power and influence. But we can do better than this!

P.S. I would outlaw plastic bags that are not recyclable, but wind up in our landfills. But I would require plastic squirt bottles with a small hole at the top for all condiments (mustard, ketchup, salad dressing, etc.) so you don’t totally inundate your burger, salad, or whatever. I have strong feelings about this!

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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