A Grateful Soul: Aunt Twila

Aunt Twila squealed when she hugged you. Really, it was her hearing aid that squealed. She was profoundly hard of hearing from a childhood illness and had just a bit of a speech impediment, as a result. As my mother-in-law was high strung and industrious, her sister, Twila, was laid back and always up for a new adventure. She was a lover and hugger.

Twila endured a hard life and a difficult marriage. When she did finally separate from her husband while in her eighties, she became the life of the party at the seniors’ apartment building where she resided. She blossomed after her life of hardship.

Throughout her life, there were some very wonderful people who looked out for her, Larry and Kay, her son and daughter-in-law, and Kathy, her life long friend. Kathy became her benefactor for several trips to various locations around the country. Her favorite place was where Kathy lived, Padre Island on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

I always felt better after I visited Aunt Twila, even when she was in the nursing home and struggling with failing health. She loved Jesus and reminded me of him; always joyful, always grateful, and now, greatly missed.


Photo: Patty & Aunt Twila

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