Turn Around


The market is up.

Immigration is down.

Some people are thrilled.

Others think we are led by a scary clown.

The United States isn’t.

Divisions abound.

Legislators are cowards.

Or else they vote everything down.

Congressmen and senators hold to the party line.

They are such a letdown.

Volatile leaders threaten to press their big red button.

Citizens fear they will have a meltdown.

After all these years, racism is still a thing and sexism never went away.

They just went undergrown, but now they have been found.

Self-righteous people point their finger at others.

But they persecute you if your views don’t have the right sound.

It’s time to lead, not cower, to talk, not tweet, to respect, not hate.

It’s time to turn around.


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About Glenn

Glenn Hager is the author of An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith. He encourages independent minded people of faith through his writing, speaking, consulting, and one-on-one relationships.
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