How Are You Doing?

Our lives have suddenly changed in unexpected ways and it’s been unsettling. Even though we are more separated from one another, we realize that we are all in this together. That fact has generated a spirit of compassion. People are asking one another, “How are you doing?”

So, how are you doing? You can respond on the blog or Facebook.

What’s been going on with us (at least Patty) is kind of interesting. She got the regular flu three weeks ago which evolved into bronchitis, if not pneumonia. She was home sick for three days, then was instructed to work from home, which she has done for the last two weeks. Due to non-disclosure agreements, I can’t describe the work she does, but I can tell you it has been very much affected by COVID-19. Sounds top secret doesn’t it? 

My life is less exciting. I am trying to clean out all of our nooks and crannies and go through our mothers’ things, more of a necessary thing that a fun one. Seasonal Affective Disorder has bore down on me the last half of winter and warm weather is still far away. 

In this part of the country, March is just another word for winter, April means chilly, wet, and windy, May means not yet, and June means we’ll see. The state-wide shelter in place order intensified my trapped feeling and anxiety. Some days are good, some are a rough. I can’t imagine how families with small child are managing. By the way, I didn’t sleep in this morning, I was sheltering in place!

Fortunately for us, we are not taking a financial hit, unless we start to think about retirement and the stock market. Guess we should have invested in trading cards or Star Wars action figures, instead.

I am keeping Patty isolated and trying to isolate myself, due to her underlying conditions. I did get out for a toilet paper run Friday. I hit four stores and found the rare treasure at one store, but it had such a long register line, that I opted out. Fortunately, our daughter-in-law showed up yesterday wearing an N-95 mask and carrying a package of cushy for the tushy. Bless her!

It was surreal seeing some people wearing masks and gloves, the employees spraying and wiping down carts and other surfaces, and the huge crowds at grocery stores.

There is a drive-through testing center set up at a medical building about ten minutes away.

Moments ago, our granddaughter who is a home health nurse called wanting to know if we had any elastic as she and other nurses are making their own masks.

The good news is we are saving money on gas, eating out, and other things.

Who ever thought, we would be confined to our homes and the economy would cash over a virus? Being confined to our couches isn’t the hugest of sacrifices. It’s not like our parents’ generation that was called to war. Actually, we can, and would benefit, from going outside for a hike or walk.

There are, of course, some people who are being hit hard. So, it is good to check on them and ask, “How are you doing?”

Photo: “2020 – Signature HealthCare nursing home” by historic.bremen is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

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