Easter (Home Version)

The Super Bowl for Christians

Only every year your team wins

A big party with lavish religious productions

A happy time with colorful eggs oddly laid by rabbits

A celebration of new clothes and new life

An empty cross and an empty tomb

Hope. Life. Victory.

Only this year is different.

There is a killer on the loose

Over 113,000 people dead

Almost 2,000,000 confirmed cases

Think about that for a moment

A deadly cousin to the common cold

Has taken over the world through sneezing and coughing

Talk about being blind-sided

Suddenly a syfy novel becomes our reality

A scramble for necessary equipment and personal

Thousands of funerals waiting until we can gather again

Millions out of work indefinitely

An inconvenience for some, an impossible situation for others


Wonderful new heroes hitherto under-paid and under-appreciated

Taking care of the sick and making it possible for the well to survive

Musicians are still making and sharing music

Comedians are still trying to get us to laugh

Neighbors checking on neighbors 

The young and healthy are coming to the rescue of the elderly and vulnerable.

The church has left the building

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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