The Leader of the Free World

He was a comedian that played a teacher on a TV show whose character went on tirade about corruption in the country’s government. The tirade went viral on social media, and he was elected president of the country. That was a TV show. Now that same actor/comedian is the actual president of a war-ravaged Ukraine. 

What is it they say about life and art?

This thirty-eight-year-old with a law degree and a background in the entertainment industry is now the leader of the free world.

He has qualities that most Americans wish their leadership possessed. 

“I need bullets, not a ride.” This was his famous response to the US offer to help him escape the country. Staying put when he actively hunted by Russian operatives, required unquestioned loyalty and courage. 

His nightly addresses to the people of his nation and his endless pleading with western nation for weapons, utilized his skills with the media. He knew exactly how to approach the leadership of each nation and how to keep his people encouraged in times of immense loss.

His courage and communication skills have garnered him the kind of authority that has resulted in the re-unification of NATO, an outpouring of weapons and aid, and the overwhelming respect of the world. 

He can keep asking for more weapons and call out the hypocrisy of other nations and alliances because he has earned the right to do so. He can encourage others to stand up to the bully, because that is exactly what he is doing.

That’s what real leadership looks like!

It seems like history has taught us little here in our country. Our delay in getting involved in two world wars did not turn out to be prudent. Now, we are so fearful of escalation from a ruthless dictator with nuclear weapons that we are willing to do just enough to help the Ukrainians defend themselves for a time, rather than defeat a ruthless enemy that will always want more. We continue to turn a blind eye as thousands are killed and cities are destroyed when so much of the horror could be prevented.

We have a responsibility to do more, as Americans, as decent human beings.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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