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My goal in life is to encourage and empower people through writing and relationships. My writing career began with reflecting on my own journey from organized religion to finding a more meaningful way to express my faith. My love of writing is taking me into other, new areas of interest, as well. You will see that on the blog and in future books. 

I hope you find some encouragement here. Below is a little information about my books.

FRF - Front Cover

Free Range Faith is a companion memoir for people who have left the institutional church, but not the faith.

In this new book, I answer the question, “Is there is a more real and meaningful way to try to follow Jesus and express your faith without having to deal with all of the baggage of the institutional church?” What would it look like?

Glenn Hager is one of those rare explorers who actually cares about providing a map for people who hate exploring but might consider traveling if they had something that shows them how to get from here to there and then back again. This book is written with love, consideration and most of all hope. – Jim Henderson, author of Jim and Casper Go To Church

There is a path forward for irreligious friends of Jesus. 

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An Irreligious Faith: How to Starve Religion and Feed Life (cover)In An Irreligious Faith, I focus on these questions.

What would cause a pastor of over twenty years to leave the institutional church, (but not the faith?)

What are the key differences between Jesus and the church?

How can the church be turned “right side up?”

What are the key transitions from an institutional centered faith toward one that is personal and meaningful?

Hager’s destination is one of hope and healing. He knows that where Christianity has failed is the place where Jesus meets us and lifts us up.  – Doug Worgul, author of Thin Blue Smoke (Burnside Books)

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FRF - Front Coverirreligious - 3Special Offer for Both Books

I will mail (within the continental U.S) a signed paperback of both of my books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith directly to you for $24.99, including postage. 

That’s a $30.00 value (with postage). Order your 2-book package by clicking on the PayPal “Add to Cart” button below.

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