Jesus & Christianity: Different Agendas

apple among orangesContrasts:

We have sacred creeds, sacred places of worship, sacred objects, and sacred leaders or clergy. Jesus had none of it.

We are part of a subculture that insulates us from real life. Jesus talked about a different way of living real life.

We obsess over trying to be better Christians. Jesus redeemed and restored us so we could reach our unique, individual potential as we represent him and do his work here and now.

We have Christian books, Christian music, Christian schools, and Christian t-shirts. Jesus didn’t figure on using his name to create a brand.

We focus on what happens when we die. Jesus taught us how to live.

We have codified what it means to follow him and have put together a systematic theology. Jesus just said, “Follow me.”

We have a church hierarchy of professionals and programs to make us better Christians. Jesus lived with his followers.

We like to package things. So, we have a Sunday morning show with a carefully crafted sermon. Jesus taught standing in a boat and sitting on a hillside.

We like to tell church members how to vote and get all upset when things don’t go our way in politics. Jesus couldn’t have cared less about the government.

Jesus probably would…

Hang out with gays.

Reach out to those who have had an abortion.

Take a liberal to lunch (a conservative, too.) Maybe he would have lunch with both of them at the same time.

Rip into some church leaders.

Blow people’s minds with his teaching.

Have a very “colorful” group of followers.

Love on broken people.

Be strangely silent about politics, government, “the culture war”, and family values.

Be the only person to bring Democrats and Republicans together.

If I were to attempt to make a complete list of the contrasts between Jesus and the church, it would never end. It is absolutely bizarre when you think about it. No wonder the church is messed up. No wonder its credibility is shot to hell. No wonder it has fallen on hard times.

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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  1. Very good read.

  2. Hello Glenn. Just discovered your writings under Various Authors on Done With Religion. It seems there’s Jesus amd then there’s Christianity. To me, Jesus was a people person. Today we have put up so many barriers or walls to separate ourselves from those that don’t look or think like we do or believe what we believe.
    I had to come out of organized religion. Couldn’t take it anymore. I had a lot to unlearn afterwards.
    i enjoyed what you wrote and can relate to it very well.

    • Hi Carol, We are not in this alone. The institutional church is loosing people and influence at an alarming rate, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is turning away from Jesus. Trying to discern what life lived in the way of Jesus looks without all of the institutional influences is something we are trying to figure out. But it does give us new freedom. Thanks for your comment.

      Jim Gordon of Done with Religion is a friend of mine.

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