Dr. Smith’s Prescription

Here is your assignment. Inspire people who are at a critical juncture in their life with fresh, memorable words from the heart, delivered before a group of several thousand preoccupied people, knowing what you have to say will be critically evaluated by each person present. You have twenty minutes, go! It’s called a commencement address.

Alex Smith, Quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, philanthropist, University of Utah alumnus, and new Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, hit it out of the park.

Here is the crux of his speech.

1. Identify Your Weaknesses. Turn Them into Strengths.

He spoke of focusing on constant improvement, but not stressing over “messing up.” Train with people better than you.

2. Embrace the New. Walk Across the Room.

There will always be cycles of new, unexpected things that happen in life, but no matter how uncomfortable something makes you feel, you can make it work for you.

Walk across the room to other person who feels just as awkward as you.

He quoted his university coach, “If you want something different than what you have, you need to change what you doing.”

3. Accept What You Cannot Control. Have Faith to Overcome Your Fears.

At some point in life, you will find yourself “on the bench,” that is the time to prepare yourself for the next step.

How you respond is all you can control.

Watch what he does at 13:36. He has the entire arena standing on their feet booing him (for a purpose.)

It is apparent that he has “taken his own medicine” throughout his career.

Well done, Dr. Smith!

Go Chiefs!

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