Robin Williams

People around the world have become a part of the community of the shocked and heartbroken, as they grapple with the death of the beloved, frenetic comedian and Academy Award-winning actor, Robin Williams.

We all loved this guy, the comedic genius who made our heads spin, the actor who melted our hearts, the gentle, caring soul his friends knew, and the flawed, honest man who spoke of his addictions.

That’s what we knew. What we never knew, was the depths of his tortured soul.

Nobody ever gets the full picture of another’s soul. 

Apparently, Robin Williams was trying to keep on an even keel, since he checked back into rehab as a preventative measure.

We have no idea about everything that was going on in his life. He had a family who seemed to love him, and he certainly had millions of fans who adored him as an entertainer. He had the fame and fortune thing covered, along with a busy, successful career.

The heart surgery he had a couple of years ago often leads to depression. Perhaps, he was physically predisposed toward this mental illness. Later on we found that Robin had Parkinson’s.

All we can assume is that there was a very different “reality” in his head, than the one we saw. That’s depression. It locks onto our soul like a bear trap. It takes over, until what happens in the real world no longer matters.

I’ve known the feeling, maybe, you have, too. And that reminds me why it is so important to communicate on deep level with another.

We need to talk to someone. Perhaps, writing would be a good option for you. I use it a lot.

We can’t always trust “the voices” in our head. Sometimes they are right on and encourage us to follow our heart. Other times, they lie, and tell us there is no hope. And that’s always a lie!

There are always people who care. There are always positive steps to take. There are always ways to redeem failure. If that were not true, then everything I know to be true about God, and the way he values the human soul, and life would be a lie.

The take-away from all of this, is to reach out. If you are hurting, reach out. If you know someone who may be hurting, reach out.

A human being is the ultimate value in God’s eyes. So, let’s not torture the soul that he intended to experience joy, connection, love, and purpose. Let’s look out for our loved ones, too.

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