It’s Not Your Fault

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Twenty year-old Will Hunting (Damon) is an undiscovered mathematical genius who grew up being regularly beaten by his father. He too developed anger management issues and he had a way of torpedoing any serious relationship.

Dr. Sean Maguire (Williams) is his unconventional therapist that he is seeing as part of an agreement to avoid prison for an assault charge. He weathers weeks of Will’s defense mechanisms, before finally getting him to open up. Maguire, also experienced a childhood of abuse, and the prolonged illness of his wife which eventually took her life.

The scene in the clip is one of those great movie moments just because of its great acting and shear passion.

It is important to me because I had come to realize that I was on the short end of several relationships. People had hurt me badly, but I couldn’t seem to move on. First, I had to acknowledge the wrongness of it and grieve it. This scene helped do that. And that is one of the great virtues of art, and great gifts of Robin Williams.

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