Peace. Love. Joy.

Do you have a mantra,a frequently repeated word, formula, or phrase, often a truism? I do. It has been my personal focus for quite some time. I wrote it down and remind myself of it daily. Here it is.

Peace. Love. Joy.

Peace. I am at total peace with God, so I will be at peace with myself and others. I will be an influence for calm, rational, resolution oriented relationships.

 Love. I am unconditionally loved by God, so I will love myself and other people unconditionally. I know love is difficult and messy, but it is transformational.

 Joy. My standing with God and so many of my life circumstances give me legitimate reasons to be joyous, so I will look for the joy in everything I do. Since, great joy comes from being my truest self, I will pursue activities that reflect who God made me to be to encourage myself and others.

They things reflect what I need in my life, what I have struggled with throughout my life, and what I try to maintain or return to as personal characteristics. Since I don’t always reflect these virtues, they are admittedly somewhat aspirational, which is why I have to keep reminding myself of them.

Also, they cover all basic aspects of life and life’s relationships: how I relate to myself, others, and my circumstances.

They each have an internal and an external meaning. I figure if I keep the internal part somewhat on track, the external aspects can then also come into focus.

Lastly, they are wonderful personal aspirations or they can be a great blessing to desire for someone else.

I have had a lot of dealings with customer service representatives on the phone who often seem to reply with their mantra, no matter what I say. It seems I always have to repeat myself.

Perhaps my lesson from those frustrating encounters is that our mantra is something to keep coming back to, no matter what happens.

What’s your mantra?

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Glenn Hager is a blogger, former newspaper columnist, and author of two books, An Irreligious Faith and Free Range Faith.
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  1. Peace. Love. Joy. I like it. Think I’ll use that too.

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